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Gravitas - grav.i.tas (noun) - dignity, seriousness, or solemnity in demeanor or treatment

                     synonyms: authority, gravity, sobriety, weightiness, presence, influence

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Needle Associates LLC (dba Needle & Associates), owned and operated by Gary Needle, provides sales and marketing consulting services with an expertise in the production and distribution of entertainment programming content in all media worldwide. Our extensive network includes content producers, distributors, rights owners and marketers of intellectual content. We have successfully negotiated many production, distribution and film financing agreements. We have developed and are constantly expanding our worldwide relationships.

We specialize in the distribution and production of films, documentaries, series and direct to digital and DVD programming. Clients include independent producers, agents, authors, distributors, DVD labels, aggregators, new media companies; direct response marketers and advertising/promotional agencies. We bring our problem solving and managerial expertise from VidAmerica as a co-owner and COO of this pioneering video company that produced and distributed hundreds of titles including classic films from the RKO Classics Film Library, independent filmmakers, documentaries and sports titles from Major League Baseball, NFL Films, Big Fights, and the production of a George Burns documentary and Roger Kahn's "Boys of Summer" to name a few.

  • PBS Music Concert Specials from Award Winning Producer/Director Chip Miller: "The Kingston Trio Celebration" "The Kingston Holiday Cheers" "Rhythm of the Dance" "The National Dance Academy of Irleland:  A St. Patrick's Day Celebration" "Songcatchers:  The Gathering" "MacDougal Street West:  A Peter, Paul & Mary Experience"

  • "LOLA" - An Antoine Allen Film (2020) - An Urban film about a young woman who transforms a horroble sexual attack into an inspirational story of empowerment and regaining self worth through boxing

  • "The Jackson 5 Million" is an award-winning documentary that chronicles and observes what the producer witnessed during the infamous 2005 molestation trial of Michael Jackson. With interviews with the most loyal MJ fans from all over the world who camped outside the courthouse for days showing the world their undying love and support for MJ. This film answers the question 'why are they doing this?'.  This film is perfect counter programming to the film, "Leaving Neverland" on HBO.

  • "Howling III - The Marsupials" is the third installment of the Howling series by director Philippe Mora, a strange race of human-like marsupials appeared suddenly in Australia.

  • Executive Producer of "I Spit On Your Grave 3 - Vengeance Is Mine" released by Lionsgate (2015)
  • Executive Producer of "I Spit On Your Grave Too" released by Lionsgate (2013)
  • Executive Producer of "I Spit On Your Grave - Remake" released by Lionsgate ( (2010)

  • The Roy Rogers Family Entertainment Corporation and the Roy Rogers Film Library 

  • "Baseball's Greatest Legends: Diamond Memories" is a documentary featuring the most famous Baseball legends in nine innings

  • "Hollywood Goes To War" - 26 hour documentary featuring some of Hollywood's most awarded directors 

  • "The World At War - From Hitler To Hiroshima" is a documentary that highlights the key battes of WWII in spearate chapters perfect of Digital distribution

  • "Swastika" - Philippe Mora's controversial masterpiece that disrupted the Cannes Film Festival in 1973 and has been called "The most potent of all anti-Nazi films"

  • Renowned author Les Krantz's "Facts That Matter" documentaries that include Hollywood and Sports icons 

  • "The M1 Garand: America's Rifle" documentary that recalls the history of the rifle that won WWII



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